The right customer experience directly translates to economic gains and differentiation as premium service. With the growing number of connected devices, easier integration of new sensors and the rise of automation in the field, customers now demand a memorable experience. The experiences consist of being able to make the customer participate, connect and build a relationship with the service assuring loyalty in the long term.

To be able to shift from a service culture to one based on capabilities and outcomes demands organisations to go the extra mile in providing prompt, accurate and reliable solutions in the short customer attention span. This shift requires developing internal competencies, changing leadership style while finding seamless solutions to make field service memorable customer experience.

At the 3rd Annual Field Service Summit UK in April 2018, more than 120 field Service Directors gathered to learn how to use the latest advance in software technologies to improve their connection points with their customers and maximise their service operations financial performance.

In 2019, The Field Service Summit returns with an even more engaging value proposition: entering the era of the Experience Economy with an outcome based service strategy.