Global B2B Sales and Pricing Benchmark Report for Manufacturers

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Opportunities to improve revenue and margin through better pricing can be difficult to pinpoint. Why? Because B2B organizations use traditional analytical approaches that fail to measure the impact of four critical factors on business performance:

- Customer Churn
- Cross-Sell
- Inconsistent Pricing
- Misaligned Market Pricing

Zilliant released its 2019 edition of the B2B Manufacturing Global Benchmark Report, the most comprehensive global study of B2B transaction data ever performed. This latest study utilizes advanced data science to analyze over 1 Billion B2B transactions worth over $120 Billion, spanning 13 currencies. It shows that there are significant and, most importantly, addressable hidden sources of revenue and profit leakage that companies could recover by looking at these four critical factors. 

How much are these factors costing your business?