Field Service Annual Survey Report 2019

The quantitative survey with over 125 respondents reflects the state of the current field service industry. Field Service Organisations are trying to balance the growing customer expectations and associated challenges that implementing new digital tools are bringing along. The survey brings to light the major challenges the industry faces, the tools that will be important to implement in the next 5 years along with addressing the needs for Field Service Engineers. The survey is divided into three chapters: Digital, Workforce and Strategy to streamline the needs in these three spheres complimented by insights from industry experts.

‘‘It is interesting to note the growing place that technology plays in field service.  With remote diagnostics, artificial intelligence and visual reality, as well as embedded intelligence in the serviced equipment, the technical competence of the service person, will become less important. As they rely more on their tools to troubleshoot and repair and less on their experience, it opens up the door for less qualified individuals who will be able to give comparable levels of technical service.’’

He also adds about the effect of technology on the service experience: ‘‘Technology for field service will reduce the gap between top service providers and less skilled service providers and it will be harder to differentiate on technical skills. Individuals (service professionals) and service organizations alike will have to rely more on the service experience they provide as a differentiator.  The winning service organizations going forward will be the ones that invest in the soft skills of their field service team and focus on how they can manage their brand through how they manage the delivery of their service. Branding and service delivery will become inseparable.’’

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